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Prior to placing an order for an Owners Corporation (OC) Certificate, please be sure that you have the Plan of Subdivision (POS) number or property name.

A Lot that is a member of several Owners Corporations will need to purchase an OC Certificate for each of the associated OCs.

Information contained on an OC Certificate is valid for 90 days from date of issue. The same applicant can request an update for the same Lot within 90 days from the initial date of issue. There will be no charge for this update.

For any levy updates within the 90 day period, the original applicant must email the request to info@bluestoneocm.com.au.

A new OC Certificate order will be required for any update requests after 90 days from the issuance of the initial OC Certificate for the Lot.

Prices are as follows:

OC Certificate – Non Urgent (6-10 Bus Days): $157.05
OC Certificate – Urgent (3-5 Bus Days): $235.57
OC Certificate – Critical (1-2 Bus Days): $282.65
Additional OC Cert – Non Urgent (6-10 Bus Days): $86.34
Additional OC Cert – Urgent (3-5 Bus Days): $129.51
Additional OC Cert – Critical (1-2 Bus Days): $155.42

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